Myemcalendar Rules and Terms of Agreement.

Welcome to Myemcalendar. We would like all our users and guests to enjoy using our App and website as much as possible. You will be using, sharing and spending your time on Myemcalendar to help make your experience and life better. How you may ask? By keeping as much of your information in one place, this will allow you to be more focused and organized, also by using our tools that will help you to save time and money for many years to come. By organizing your time and life on our calendar Lifestyle Management System, learning how you can save money on things that you need and want, shopping, budgeting, and keeping your important information in one place, this will help you keep track of your life in many different ways.

We feel that everyone should feel safe using Myemcalendar's Lifestyle Management System and with your help we all can share ideas and (Positive and Truthful) information instantly, without barriers or issues. For us to help protect the safety and experience of our Myemcalendar users, we have some basic rules and limitations of things that we all need to follow regarding content posted and your behavior that is allowed. Please Read and follow our Rules and Policies shown. If you have any issues or problems before using Myemcalendar you must contact us via email or phone before doing so. Failing to do so may result in us having to temporary/permanently lock and suspend any or all account(s)with your username(s) that you have with us. If we locked, suspended or canceled your account(s), you may not create another one without our written permission. We reserve the right to do so and enforce any or all rules at any time to help our users have a safe and enjoyable experience using our Lifestyle Management System.

A Myemcalendar User

Our goal for Myemcalendar is to be a Social Media Lifestyle Management System that will allow a user to benefit from using all and any of the technology that is out there today including all of our new systems and technology that we have developed as well. We are working to take social media and advertising to awhole new level. We should all make these changes that will benefit all user's lives by saving more time and money and more. Because we are working on this Life Style Management System we believe that all can benefit from this, including users of all ages from all locations. Also including a person/and or all users who work at a company, business, owners, operators, sports teams, a government, church, school, hospital and more.

You as a professional will benefit in so many ways such as keeping track of your life, times and your day, locations of places and people visited, money being spent or saved and where it is going, specials and deals of the day/week, flash sales and so much more. Great tool to keep track of your money for budgeting, savings and accounting. Also with technology, computers and cell phones being taught at an early age so too can be Myemcalendar. This system would also benefit a family to keep track of spending, goals, items wanted and needed, scheduling, budgeting, important times and dates, photos and also great for new parents, to start a Myemcalendar Life Style Management System when their child is born. Like most other social media platforms you must be at least 13 years old. With adult supervision, You don't have to be with our basic service but please monitor your account or any accounts that you open. Please be aware of any rules or laws regarding * age limits. In some jurisdictions you must be at least 13 to 14 years old. Please report this if you do find a user who is under age or if your child has opened an account with out your knowledge, show them how to delete it or please delete it for them.

Graphic Content: Please be aware that we would like our users and their family to feel safe when using Myemcalendar and you may not post, send or share any pornographic or any violent content. You may not bully, harass, be rude, threat any user by any means including posts, messages, email, mail, phone or any kind. If you see any please report it and we may ask that a user remove the content or we will use our right to remove it, if we feel that we should or have complaints. We are not responsible for any content shared by our users and user discretion is advised.

Helpful Information: We would like you to use your real name on your profile but if you choose not to, you can also make up a profile user name with letters or numbers. Please provide us with your real name, cell phone number so we or a company may send you important money or time saving information. If you own a business or company you can use that name, and share it on your profile as well. If you have selected a username or a similar username that may be closer to another user or page, we have the right to reclaim it if we feel that it is either inappropriate or may affect the owners trademarks and or copyrights. We reserve the right to reclaim, delete, or add to if needed. Your account may not be sold or traded. You are not allowed to open an account and sell it or its name.

You may allow access to your account to an authorized person or to a person that you have left the power of attorney, before or at the end of your life. This access may have important information if you have inputted / shared it in your account such as any medical records or medicine that you took or are taking that may save your life. Or important information regarding your will.

By allowing our users to start an account at any or early age, this will allow the user to benefit from the information being inputted and stored for example your first $1 at your first Birthday or any important medical information, family history, dates or other information that you will need for days, months and many years to come. Please respect your account and information and also that of others as well.

WARNING. We reserve the right to change our rules from time to time when and as needed, you can find the most recent updates here or contact us anytime. After reading our rules if you do/ or do not want to follow our rules and or policies you are agreeing to use Myemcalendar at your own risk. You also agree by using Myemcalendar services that we have your permission to collect and use your content and information that we feel will help better your experience and our services in accordance with the rules and data policy. Using our services we do not have a contractual obligation and we do not promise,warrant or guarantee any of our services. We do not at any time Guarantee that Myemcalendar will work, be secure or safe, work at all times or even error free.We do not guarantee that the information will always be true or reliable. We may need to pause or close access to Myemcalendar at any time to upgrade or update our system at any time. We don't guarantee that you will be safe, won't have delays, lost information, disruptions or problems. Using Myemcalendar you agree that we are not responsible for anything mentioned above, or that you can think of. We are not responsible for any user's posts or actions, any content, photos, data, or any information from our (Third Parties) users and Release us from any damages or claims that you may have now or in the future. You will obey the rules and laws of your living (Province, State, Country) location. If any action is taken with us or due to a 3rd party you agree to clear us and hold us not responsible and harmless from any and all expenses, damages or losses of any kind and you are responsible to all costs and legal fees. Any action or claims should be done in Ontario, Canada (Ontario Court System) where Myemcalendar started and launched. Ontario, Canada will also be the area where your information and content be stored and transferred and when we continue to grow we also may need to transfer and store information in the United States. You hereby consent to the processing, transfer and storage. We take data privacy seriously. We do hope that you find many positive uses and enjoy our services as much as possible.

Like the old saying goes, "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you." – Confucius

Don't hate, or spread hate in any way. Don't be negative with yourself or on others. Don't be rude or threaten or threatening in any or all matters. Don't share any rude or personal pictures or information of yourself or any other persons and or users unless you have (written) full express permission from them. Don't tell others what to do if it is negative in any way or promotes self-harm or self-hatred. Don't use Myemcalendar in any non-legal way, this includes taking or using anyone else's photos or personal information at all. Be yourself and Don't pretend to be someone else or another user. Don't make false accusations, false news or spread false information at any time. Don't use Myemcalendar for any non-legal services or anything that is not legal including pyramid schemes and any others that you can think of. Don't take a companies name or persons name or infringe on other people's trademarks, copyrights or patents. Don't wait for us to tell you that something is wrong if you know it is, you can help by informing us and if you notice any poor or abusive behavior then please inform us immediately via email or phone at any time. Don't mislead any one with falls information or fake, poor or even non existing products. Don't spam or use any software or malware when using Myemcalendar. Don't hack or use any software, robots of any kind to get access to our users or Myemcalendar's App's and Websites. Don't build or copy similar Myemcalendar App's, Websites, ideas or services at all of any kind for any and all reasons. Please be aware that Legal actions may be taken against you or any party if these rules and regulations are not being followed or broken, either by us or a 3rd party.

Do have fun, and share any of your positive stories, sales finds, free giveaways, item's you purchased on sale, special sales, flash sales that you know of, your budgeting plans, your business if you own or work for one and any of your positive experiences using Myemcalendar to help others and in return that will help you as well.

You own any or all of your information posted by you or a 3rd party for you when using Myemcalendar. You will be able to adjust and control how you share and with whom you share your information with by our settings or by the way you use our website or Apps. By using Myemcalendar you give us full permission and grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, that is transferable, licensable, sub-licensable, and a worldwide license to use your IP content that is posted on Myemcalendar or any of our sites. When you cancel your IP or service and your account is deleted and any and all of your shared information is deleted,the IP license will end. You should also be aware if all of your IP content is not deleted by you or that is shared by others this license will continue. You are responsible for all or any content submitted or posted on Myemcalendar and You assume any and all Risks that maybe associated with your information on your posts and will follow all rules, regulations and laws with it.

Advertising and any Other Commercial Content on Myemcalendar

Our goal at Myemcalendar is for a user to find new ways that will help them save time, money and find new places, stores, and locations to do that. We need to share and deliver valuable advertising, including emails, flash emails and text messages, Ad pop ups or other commercial and sponsored content. This valuable tool and system for our users and advertisers will help us all with our goals. To do this, you as a Myemcalendar user agree to give us permission to use your user name that you log in with or real name, any content and information including a profile picture(s) and phone number. This information may be needed to help companies and or advertisers to provide the information they need to enhance our services and goals. This information will allow for example a store that you normally shop at to see your interests and send you sales information, flash email/text sales, coupons, discounts or even free promotional items. By logging on, accessing and using our system and services, you are agreeing and allowing us to use your information that we have collected. You also agree by doing this if we are paid by any company, business or entity we are allowed to share your information provided to us by you with out any compensation to you. This also means we will only share your information that will be helpful to you and your goals and we will try to be specific to the brands, stores and locations that you are interested in and may have selected in our system. If you choose to not share your information we will not give your information or content to a company or advertisers without your consent.

To All Advertisers or a Company using Myemcalendar

Please Read ALL our Rules and Terms of Agreement and that of Your Company as well. By doing so and accessing Myemcalendar you are agreeing to them and you are responsible for understanding them, if you don't then you must email or call our support team, stop using our services or system and if you agree you are complying to all applicable laws and regulations. Respect our users as we ask them to respect your company (including brands) as well. Respect their information and privacy.

With our company goals we would like you to help and provide us with the best customer and technical support, time and money saving options and in return we will provide you important information to do so and be a loyal buyer and user. We can and will benefit from working together on our goals for a better life for many years to come. All contracts with Myemcalendar Must be in writing and signed by us and your company or all parties involved. Not verbal and not assumed. We reserve the right to cancel any or all advertising, posts, or accounts if we feel that you are not following the rules or it is inappropriate.

Basic Payment Terms

As Myemcalendar grows we will be working on more ways to except payments for things such as Advertising, Subscriptions, future items we will sell or 3rd party items being sold. We will start by working with Paypal; "PayPal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant."

Please read more information by visiting PayPal and read the Terms and Conditions before sending payment. You must be 18 years old, or older. If you are under the age of 18 please ask your parents or guardian to assist you by first reading and understanding all the Terms and Conditions for your safety, rights, and responsibilities. If you are using a credit card or bank transfers, it may be best to call them to pre-authorize a one time payment or even a monthly payment if you are choosing to either purchase on Myemcalendar, pay for advertising, subscriptions, games, apps and more. After reading the Terms and Conditions and using Myemcalendar by making a purchase, You are agreeing to the purchase(s), full amounts specified in your order, and any or all taxes, shipping or other charges shown on your purchase order.

For Your Safety and the Safety of Others

Please use Myemcalendar responsibly. For Your Safety and the Safety of others when using our Apps, websites, games or other services Do Not WALK or DRIVE when in use. We would like all of our users to be safe and enjoy our helpful tools and information for many years to come. Using Myemcalendar is AT YOUR OWN RISK, "AS IS", "WHERE IS", "WHEN and AS AVAILABLE". We are NOT responsible for your actions and any Damage(s) that you have and may have caused in any way. We are NOT responsible for the actions and or damages caused by other users, visitors, or 3rd parties in any way. Myemcalendar is PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND for our services, products or merchandise.

More rules and Terms of Agreement will be updated and added at any time as we work to soft launch and fully launch Myemcalendar after our first round of Beta testing. Again please help us and our new community platform reach our goals for a better life, with more time and money for us to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for taking your time to read our information and visiting us. Welcome to the New Myemcalendar world. You're invited and we encourage You to invite others as well.